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My Kitteh is not impressed!

2012-02-27 03:59:13 by VsynthGt

My kitteh is not impressed,

My Kitteh is not impressed!

time for a pic!

2012-02-25 11:00:18 by VsynthGt

Im going to post this and see how long it takes till i get robbed, drool my friends, drool,

time for a pic!

ǝǝʇɹɹıʍ buıʇıɹʍ ʎʇıɹʍ 'boןq ʎɯ uı uıʇıɹʍ ɯı ʇɐǝu ɥo
˙sıɥʇ ǝʞıן unɟ sı buıǝdʎʇ
ʇsod boןq ɐ sʇı

Ill leave you with a pic i took last night.

Well my kitteh is evil,

2012-01-25 00:57:21 by VsynthGt

He may look all cute and cuddely but as soon as i turn my back on him he attaches himself to my already wounded leg and bites the back of my knee, just like a lion going for the kill,

Fuck i love this cat, he will deture any home invader.

Well my kitteh is evil,

new kitty!

2012-01-17 23:58:32 by VsynthGt

I adopted this little cutie today!

new kitty!

All my gear is breaking!

2012-01-10 05:15:37 by VsynthGt

In the last 5 hours both my audio interface and my fucking Vsynth GT have broken.

My M Audio interface just died randomly while recording, and my vsynth gt was unplugged while booting up. now its bricked....

Screen turns on and i get a blue screen with nothing going on for 5 minutes then it powers down.

fucking wonderfull night!

: that bastard set me back 4000 bucks...

I hearby humbly welcome myself to this site,

I bring with me music! music fresh from the womb of my brand new Vsynth GT and my various other peices of synthetic musical peices such as the meaty tb303 and the silky smooth R3.

I like synthensysers if you have not noticed!