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All my gear is breaking!

2012-01-10 05:15:37 by VsynthGt

In the last 5 hours both my audio interface and my fucking Vsynth GT have broken.

My M Audio interface just died randomly while recording, and my vsynth gt was unplugged while booting up. now its bricked....

Screen turns on and i get a blue screen with nothing going on for 5 minutes then it powers down.

fucking wonderfull night!

: that bastard set me back 4000 bucks...


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2012-01-12 03:09:19

i hope you stick around man you're brilliant

VsynthGt responds:

why thankyou!


2012-01-12 03:11:32

oh man that sucks i just read your post

VsynthGt responds:

The synth fixed itself however my interface is still fucked >.<


2012-01-12 04:27:07

razz is ripping on u man

u gon take that son

VsynthGt responds:

I do not wish to partake in the activities of arguing over pointless shit on the internet :)


2012-01-13 16:39:00

crazy. insane..........


2012-01-13 17:05:27

Solution... USE LINUX!